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Five Star cleaning services for the lowest prices.

1.Domestic Cleaning ( weekly , fortnightly, montly, one- off) - from 10 £/h

Are you looking for more professional domestic cleaning company in Essex? Here we are! Cleaning your home can be very tiring.Nobady likes to spend their spare time engaged in such tedious work. This is were our regular domestic cleaning came to rescue you. "Galaxy Cleaning LTD" provides reliable domestic cleaning services to clients in all Essex area. We can visit weekly, fortnightly, monthly or more often if you want. However you choose to use us, our staff will take pride in cleaning your home as if it were their own. Whether you just need help with the weekly chores that you don′t have time for or you want your home sparkling from head to toe we can do the job. Each job is individually tailored to suit your busy life and we will fit around you to the best we can. During an initial telephone enquiry, we can provide a guide to what level of service you may require. For a regular cleaning service, we prefer to book a home visit to discuss your individual needs so that we can tailor make our service to fit in with your needs. The home visit, which is carried out at a time that suits you, means that from the outset, the service we provide is the service most suited to your needs Call now for your FREE QUOTATION!!. We will meet you in your home and give you a FREE QUOTE!!!

2.Commercial cleaning/ Office cleaning - 10 £/h

If you are looking for a reliable office and commercial cleaning services, look no further than "Galaxy Cleaning LTD" ! Our cleaning specialists are professional, passionate and reliable. We use only the best quality of cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment.We provide a full cleaning services for: Offices & Commercial buildings, Cinemas and Leisure complexes, Schools and Colleges, Council Establishments, Public Buildings including Libraries, Care Homes etc, Manufacturing sites, Car showrooms Our office cleaning services includes everything from office floors and workspaces to washrooms and kitchen facilities. We ensure that your customers see you and your business at its best reflected by your consistently immaculate and hygienic workplace Our team are dedicated to the job and with an excellent management team working alongside them they are keen and confident to do the job well. We can provide a professional cleaning service to your business or office on a daily or weekly basis. If you do not need daily cleaning, we can customise a cleaning programme to suit your individual needs. Our cleaning service operates both in or out of office hours. We are very flexible to suit around your working day. If you require an early clean or an evening clean we can offer a keen and motivated team to do the job. We work quietly and efficiently and can have the job done before the working day begins. We have a 100% success and customer satisfaction rate, and are confident that you will find our commercial cleaning service efficient, professional and effective. Give us a call today to see how we can help your business.

3.Profesional carpet cleaning - from only 40 £/room

Happy clients mean more clients and more clients mean more cleaning teams!

We find that the need for carpet cleaning in Essex varies depending on household composition. For example, if you've got dogs or outdoor cats, they can often track in dirt and mess, as well as leaving behind hair, fur and dander. Toilet training pets can present its own unpleasant challenges too. If you entertain frequently, you may find that − even after a good vacuum − your carpet is affected by crumbs, soft drink and wine spills you can't see unless you get up close. Then of course, there's the little mishaps that kids can cause, from finger paint to food smudges.

4.Spring cleaning/ End of tenancy cleaning - 11 £/h

Are you looking for more professional End of Tenancy cleaning/ Spring cleaning in Essex area? Here we are to help you! Whether it′s a one-off deep clean or a more periodic spring clean, we can offer a variety of options to meet your requirements. This service can also include upholstery and carpet cleaning, oven cleaning and bathroom cleaning. Our spring cleaning and one-off cleaning service includes cleaning the entire house/flat. Our professional cleaning team will ensure that every room in your house receives their through attention, guaranteeing they meet all your cleaning requirements. Have you had tenants from hell? Has the property been vacated in a real mess? Or do you just want to make the property presentable once more for your incoming tenants? Whatever, your reason, then Galaxy Cleaning LTD provide a professional and reliable end of tenancy cleaning service. Whether you are renting out a property or selling up, we can provide a FULL cleaning service that will transform your property back to new. We will cover every inch of your home ready for that new tenant to move in or give it that extra glow when selling up. Call us now and you we promise that you will be very happy with our services!

5.Windows cleaning - from 30 £/h

At Galaxy Cleaning LTD, our goal is to provide you with the very best service and products on the market. Best Local Window Cleaning employees work diligently to provide a top quality service with exceptional attention to details and customer needs. Courteous, clean, prompt, professional, quick - and most importantly, efficient - service is our goal.

Galaxy Cleaning LTD is a fully insured company offering the safest work environment for our employees as well as peace of mind for our clients.

6.After party cleaning - 10 £/h

You have a party at your home, office, or workplace for a birthday, promotional celebration, or a New Years celebration? The last thing that you want to be doing later that night or first thing the next day is to clean up all the mess that was made by the party. Instead of spending hours and hours cleaning up all the mess that has been made, you can give Galaxy Cleaning LTD a call and have peace of mind knowing that we will have your home office or work place clear for you in no time at all Our before or after party cleaning services are tailor-made to suit your needs and hopefully remove at least one of your headaches! We can provide you with quality and reliable before or after-party cleaning services in Essex at the best prices you can get. We can offer an excellent Events and After party cleaning for your convenience. From having a small family get together to a big corporate event where our staff will take the efforts off your shoulders. Our professional staff are familiar with party mess and are able to give you a helping hand hence providing you with relief and rest after your party. Let us do the work for you, restoring your home or premises back to it′s original state it was before.

7.After builders cleaning - 12 £/h

"Galaxy Cleaning LTD" offers after builders cleaning services for new office buildings, medical buidings,hotels, shopping centers, banks, schools, residential properties, and other facilities in the Essex area. We understand that every project is different and we try to accomodate the needs of our client accordingly. Whether you need clean up of the rough building materials, final cleaning for owners inspection or just a touch up cleaning, we will be happy to help with all your needs. After the builders have finished their job, you'll often find lots of dust and dirt everywhere. Every building decoration causes a lot of dust and dirt We provide a 24hr after builders cleaning service in Essex. A Professional after builders clean will make your building look it's very best in readiness for occupation by the new tenants. Galaxy Cleaning LTD will remove all dirt, dust, paint, plaster, cement and rubbish left by the builders. All of our builders cleaning services differ from one job to the next and we can taylor make a cleaning specification to suit our clients individual requirements. Dont miss out our offer for "After builders cleaning". Just 12£ /hour for "After builders cleaning" and you will be very happy with our services.

8.Fridge/Freezer cleaning - 25 £

Regular cleaning of your fridge and freezer is probably the single most important task of the house cleaning, as this is the place where most of your food is stored and should be carefully maintained. Why not save the time and effors required to clean your fridge and freezer? Leave us to clean your fridge/ freezer in your place!!!

9.Ironing services ( free collection , free delivery) - 9 £/h

You have a small children and a lot of ironing to do , or maybe you are a busy person?Are you one of the many who detest ironing? Well why not let us take care of it while you go out with the kids or just sit around and watch TV after doing a hard weeks work, just put your feet up and let us do it for you? Galaxy Cleaning LTD can provide a dedicated ironing service to all Essex area ,additionally all of our cleaners are are trained and skilled in ironing and are flexible enough to carry out any ironing required while on cleaning jobs. We ironing 7-8 products per hour like shirts, bed sheet , sheet-covers, lady dress, pants, and ordinary clothes 20 products/ hour.We have a special offer for baby clothes : 40 products/ hour.

10.Oven cleaning - from 40 £

Ovens are one of those jobs that most of us would rather just not do. Why not use that time to do something else and let us clean it for you? At Galaxy Cleaning LTD, your oven will be cleaned by a trained operative using only non- toxic, non caustic and environmentally friendly products in your home.When we clean your oven we clean all your shelves, racks and trays. Your oven then undertakes a thorough clean inside and out removing that horrible grease and carbon build up. Our cleaners on staff take care of your kitchen facilities, including hobs, cookers, ovens, and other kitchen appliances. No job is too difficult for us, and we will clean all hard-to-clean places. We do the job that you hate to do!

11.Patio/driveway cleaning - ask for quote

Mildew and dirt will stick to your driveway and patios. With a proper power washing of your walked on surfaces, we can have them looking new again for you and your family.

As a homeowner it's important to maintain these walked on surfaces so you don't end up with costly repairs down the road. In addition to this, regular cleaning keeps your home looking excellent and keeps up the curb appeal of your home.

12.GARDEN MAINTENANCE - from 12 £/h

Galaxy Cleaning LTD can complete a range of garden maintenance tasks from cutting grass through to garden design and overhaul. Gardening tasks vary significantly throughout the calendar year and cut length and frequency of cut must all be taken into account to ensure a well maintained lawn for example. Galaxy Cleaning LTD can undertake these services for you and coordinate tradesman onsite whilst you are busy at work or on holiday.

13.Painting - from just 15 £/h

The painting services which Galaxy Cleaning LTD can render, are both interior and exterior for the average residential, villa owners. We strive to gain the satisfaction of each and every customer. Our professionalism is evident from the very first meeting and straight through to completion of every project. We have the experience needed to handle every job, no matter how large or small.